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Catherine Hill Bay Video

A video tour of Catherine Hill Bay - a picturesque coastal bay and village on the southern peninsula forming Lake Macquarie, NSW. Aerial drone and surface-based Catherine Hill Bay video by Airbuzz Productions. Filmed on May 2, 2014, six months after Catherine Hill Bay was devastated by severe bush fires back in October 2013.

Residential Property Video

A short Real Estate Agency presentation with some video footage taken from our Aerial Video Drone. Surface-based footage was also filmed and edited by AirBuzz Productions. Aerial drone filming technology is the latest tool being used by real estate agents. It is providing real estate sector with new marketing opportunities.

Rural Lifestyle Property Video

A video tour of an outstanding countryside property (15 km from Dorrigo, NSW). Surface-based and aerial footage filmed by AirBuzz Productions in August 2012. No longer do real estate agents rely solely on static property photos; more and more agents are using videos that can be shared on various social media websites.

PBL World Australia Video

A video of PBL World Australia - an event where participants work with other teachers to create customised plans for project based learning. Aerial drone and surface-based PBL World Australia video by Airbuzz Productions. Filmed on 13th of November 2013, during PBL World conference and workshop at Parramatta Marist High.